PowerFit is the only bike fit system that focuses specifically on improving your power output and balance through correct fit for increased performance and efficiency.

Developed by Giant and Wattbike in conjunction with leading sports scientists, PowerFit is based on biomechanic principles and delivers tangible, objective results proven through

Wattbike pedalling force and efficiency analysis. PowerFit sessions consider individuals cycling disciplines, injury history, pain during cycling and performance goals to deliver an

optimised position which can then be transferred to other bikes. The practical session includes assessment of current pedalling technique and force using Wattbikes proprietary

Polar View Technology, with a comparative assessment following set-up and position adjustments to demonstrate improvements.

Analysis of the force applied to the left and right pedals independently through the entire pedal stroke enables the technician to help you work towards a well-balanced, smooth,

strong pedal stroke to deliver optimum power and efficiency.

The Process.

PowerFit sessions vary between retailers and their duration will vary depending on your individual needs - but in general the session consists of the following approach.

Before the fit

  • A pre-fit assessment: before a session your fitter will ask you some questions to establish your aims from the session and any injury history that may need addressing before a
  • bike fit can take place. This may be in person, over the phone or by email.

During the fit

  • Bring to your session your existing bike if possible. You also need to bring along your usual cycling kit including shoes, your existing pedals and your existing saddle. If you are
  • planning to change your bike, shoes, pedals or saddle please advise the fitter as small variations between these can have a big impact on your bike fit
  • You will change into your cycling clothing while the fitter measures your existing bike and sets up the PowerFit Wattbike to your existing set up
  • You will then undertake a quick flexibility test - normally less than 1 minute
  • You will then carry out a pedalling technique assessment - normally 3-5 minutes of exertion
  • The fitter will then apply 6 joint stickers at key positions on your body which will be used as reference points through the fitting process
  • The fitter will then adjust saddle height and fore-aft position, in between changes you will be asked to ride so the changes can be assessed
  • The fitter will then adjust the handlebar height and fore-aft position - again you will be asked to ride and adopt specific positions so the changes can be assessed
  • You will then perform a Core Strength Test, which normally involves 1-2 minutes of cycling
  • The fitter will then record 4 key measurements referred to as W, X, Y and Z

After the fit

  • You will then undertake a second pedalling technique assessment - normally 3-5 minutes of exertion
  • Your pre-fit and post-fit results will be compared and your position may be fine-tuned further
  • Your fitter will be able to advise you on pedalling technique to achieve further improvement
  • The fitter will then be able to send you a detailed report which includes your new position and your pedalling technique assessment results
  • The fitter will also be able to discuss applying your new set up to your existing bike - this might need to be booked in a separate session with the mechanic or booked
  • into the retailers servicing schedule, and might require the purchase of an alternative length of stem - you fitter will be able to discuss these options

The W, X, Y, Z measurements that are achieved within the session are transferable so you can have your position applied to other bikes (where the other bike's size and geometry

allows your configuration) - so one session will allow you to apply your new set up easily to other bikes you already own or may buy in the future.

Fitting is only available at our Sunderland Store, please call 0191 5141974 for available time slots.  

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