CYCLEWORLD Workshop classes

OK lets get straight to the point. You're out riding and having an absolutely fab time, when suddenly something goes wrong with your bike, AND YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO FIX IT!     '' Book Now . We can help''

Our courses are planned to run in the evenings from 6pm - (Parking is FREE after 6) refreshments will be provided. See below for more details.

Entry Level Class


This entry level course is for you ! The cost is £ 40.00 per head and there are only 5 places per session. We would like you to bring your own bike as we feel this is the only way to teach bike maintenance, as every bike is different and your bike might need a specific solution to a problem.

During the class you will learn 

  • Bike Fit. (Is your bike the right size and fit?)
  • Wheel problems - (Wheel removal-Punctures-misalignment-Quick release)
  • Brake setup (v brake and disc)
  • Basic cable service (gear and brake)
  • Gear tuning
  • Regular Maintenance check list
  • Q and A with the mechanic.
  • Book the intermediate class on completion of the entry level and receive a 10% discount


Intermediate Class


Same time same place

Lets take it up a notch with this class. You've done the first class, now its time to go to the next level. By the end of this class you should be able to strip your bike down to the bones and rebuild it.

  • Cable replacement (gears.) 
  • Aheadset  (adjustment and servicing)
  • Hubs - the secrets of cones and balls
  • Bottom Bracket area
  • Wheel truing
  • Fine tuning Gears
  • Brake setup and maintenance (disc and V)
  • Regular Maintenance check list
  • Q and A with the mechanic.

One on One

Priced per hour

  • One on one coaching with one of our Cytech trained mechanics. If you need a job doing and you'd like to see how it's done properly
  • Learn anything.
  • Professional tools at your disposal
  • Learn the tricks of the trade
  • Service plans

  • Suspension servicing

  • Di2 Software upgrade

Wheel Building Class ''Build your dream wheels.''   


There is not a better feeling than building your own wheels, fitting them to your bike and riding them in. A hand built wheel is generally stronger and longer lasting than a factory built wheel, so why not try our wheel building class. We can supply all the parts needed, or help you assemble your own supplied parts.

  • Build your own wheels from scratch
  • Expert tuition from a master wheel builder
  • How to calculate spoke length
  • Lacing up the hubs and the best cross pattern
  • Truing - Best practice's
  • Tensioning - The secrets
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